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Milton Selectboard member Brenda Steady, Turner's cousin, said she has also been on the hunt for signatures. "I haven't got them all filled out yet." Former education secretary Rebecca Holcombe says she is not running for governor of Vermont, putting an end to rumors that have circulated in Montpelier for weeks.

Holcombe resigned suddenly on March 27 after more than four years at the helm of the state Agency of Education.

"Vermonters are not well served by a shutdown, or by the possibility of a shutdown," said Rep.

Janet Ancel (D-Calais), chair of the House Ways and Means Committee. Don Turner (R-Milton) made it official Wednesday: He is running for lieutenant governor of Vermont.

He declined an interview request, writing in a text message, "I prefer not to comment until which time I make my final decision." Ron Hubert, Turner's former district-mate in the House, has been collecting signatures for his friend at Milton's Middle Road Market, which Hubert owns.

He said Tuesday that he had gathered 50 signatures.

Speculation about a gubernatorial bid grew in Democratic circles after Holcombe began posting thinly veiled criticism of administration policies on social media, and when she spoke at a recent teachers' union rally at the Statehouse. Phil Scott kicked off his Memorial Day weekend by vetoing the budget and tax bills that the legislature passed before adjourning earlier this month. is that together they result in an unnecessary and avoidable million increase in statewide property tax rates,” Scott wrote in a letter to lawmakers explaining his vetoes.

In anticipation of his veto of the budget, Scott summoned lawmakers to Montpelier Wednesday for a special session.

Another increase is likely soon, possibly in the next few months.The Republican minority blocked immediate action on the bill, and Republican Gov. The bill would essentially pass almost all of the budget Scott previously vetoed — except for the school funding provisions to which he objected.It passed the House Appropriations Committee on Tuesday; action on the House floor Wednesday would have required a rules suspension, to which House Republicans did not agree.The Republican lawmaker, who has served as House minority leader since 2011, will challenge incumbent Lt. David Zuckerman, a Progressive and Democrat first elected in 2016. Seven Days reported Tuesday that Turner supporters were collecting the 500 signatures required to get his name on the ballot.He declined to comment on his intentions at the time. Don Turner (R-Milton), the minority leader of the Vermont House, is circulating petitions to run for lieutenant governor, according to several friends and associates.

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