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Although Louder refrains from advocating any management practices on the basis of his findings, they clearly indicate that wire screens across the tops of spill- ways could prevent a heavy loss of game fish.

Loudor does say that "a trap on the spillway is an ideesl place to obtain brood fishes for stocking purpdsos." Many of the fish caught in tho nets wore used for that purpose, -pb- NEWS from Bill Lyons SOUTHERN ILLINOIS UNIVERSITY Carbondale, 111.— Phones 1020 Release: IMMEDIATE t CARBONDALE, ILL. -—Floyd Wakeland, associate professor of Music at Southern Illinois University and director of the school's choral groups, has been granted a sick leave of two months on the advice of a physician, Wakeland, who has long supervised SIU's high school choral clinics and the Spring Music Festival, said he will spend the leave "quieting down" in Florida and New Orleans.

— Foundation stock for the Southern Illinois University School of Agriculture swine program now is being acquired, according to Joseph E. Initial purchases now arriving are three registered Durocs and four Hampshires representative of the meat-type hogs in these two bresds.

They will provide breeding stock for a swine herd utilized for teaching and research.

Is there a serious loss during rainy seasons when lakes overflow? Is there any relationship "between the loss and the amount of water that goes over the dan? Observations at Lake Murphysboro were carried out from Hay, 1954, through June, 1955, while the Little Grassy experiment lasted from December, 1954, through April, 1955.

These animals fit into today's livestock needs for meat type hogs which produce less fat and a higher percentage of lean cuts than do the intermediate type hogs.

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Digitized by the Internet Archive in 2012 with funding from CARLI: Consortium of Academic and Research Libraries in Illinois NEWS from Bill Lyons SOUTHERN ILLINOIS UNIVERSITY Carbondale, 111.— Phones 1020 Release: IMMEDIATE CARBONDALE, ILL., Jan.— Pablo Picasso's "Studies for Guernica," a series of 50 sketches representing the preparatory and "postscript" work which went into his famous mural, "Guernica," are now on exhibit in Southern Illinois University's Allyn Gallery.

The largest loss occurred during rains in June, 1954, and April, 1955. However, the fifth dominant species, white crappie, didn't turn up in the net at all. Almost 10,000 fish came over the Lake Murphysboro spillway in 13 months of observation. Louder says, with scholarly understatement, "the loss is certainly important enough to warrant further consideration." How big are the escaping fish?

Adult gizzard shad nadc up 46 percent of the total catch at Little Grassy, v/ith carp, largenouth bass, spotted sucker and blucgill accounting for 14, 11, 9, and 8 percent, respectively. Most small fish got through the one inch wire net trap at Little Grassy.

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