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Danno lays on a lot of baloney about how, despite the fact that Mc Garrett can seem like a wild and crazy guy, "there is nobody out there you'd rather have having your back than him." Danno seems to be acting very chummy with Rey, almost as if there is a hint of a future relationship between the two of them, especially when he starts comparing her to Kono.

One can hardly criticize Danno for being this way with her, since she is gorgeous-looking.

Kong), who lost a lot of product and one of his lieutenants in a fire the week before.

Duclair accompanies Tao to the location of this fire and provides his expertise -- "like an arson investigator" -- to determine who burned the place down and what means was used to do this.

At this point, there are still about seven minutes of the show left.

Danno goes to visit Rey, who is still mulling over whether she wants to be part of Five-Zero.

(Grover does not like this connection.) The way Duclair gets out of jail is ridiculous, reminiscent of Wo Fat's escapes from jail.

A restaurant-gument between Mc Garrett and Danno follows where the two quibble over details about a prospective Italian eatery which Danno wants to open using the name "Steve's" in Honolulu's Chinatown. On location at the place, Mc Garrett says to Danno, "I thought you said you were gonna wait until you retire," to which Danno replies, "I am, but this is now, we start now, we get it going, and if we need help running it, somebody helps us." "We" includes Mc Garrett, who figures this has something to do with his radiation poisoning, also mentioned in S07E25.

The special effects for this fire including tons of smoke above Honolulu and related scenes with lots of firemen were actually very good.

Five-Zero takes shelter in a cabin in the middle of the fire, which is kind of ridiculous, but not as much as what follows, where Mc Garrett manages to get out of the forest, commandeer a helicopter and fly back above the cabin.

He goes back to Tao and gives him and his two sons the same gross treatment, and then goes after Miz Chief, the guy who got him out of jail.

Just as he has drenched Wright with gasoline, Rey shows up at Wright's place, having decided Five-Zero's offer is worth considering.

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