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Well judged, imaginative teaching strategies Of course well-judged teaching strategies are brilliant.But if we believe that improving pupils’ performance is the desired outcome then it’s highly unlikely that the strategies we select will be well-judged.

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We’re all a lot more comfortable with the idea of making rapid progress because it ‘feels right’.In the spirit of self-congratulation I posted a blog entitled Anatomy of an Outstanding Lesson in which I detailed a lesson which I confidently supposed was the apotheosis of great teaching, and stood back to receive plaudits. I was roundly congratulated and felt myself extraordinarily clever.And then Cristina Milos got in touch to tell me that there was no such thing as an outstanding lesson. When I sputtered my objections she directed me to a video of Robert Bjork explaining the need to dissociate learning from performance.Sustained & rapid progress I’ve already written extensively about the problems with progress so let me summarise by asking this: if we do something really quickly is it likely to last?I contend that rapid and sustained progress are mutually exclusive: they cancel each other out. We have to choose and I’d strongly recommend sustained progress.

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