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The Amityville Horror" (as well as the 2005 remake) and next week's scream-inducer, "The Conjuring."" data-reactid="19"Alongside her late husband, demonologist Ed Warren, clairvoyant Lorraine investigated some of the most famous and infamous paranormal hauntings around.

Of course, movies based on actual events don't necessarily stay true to those events, especially in the horror genre, but if the Lutz's case is scarier than the haunting depicted in "The Conjuring," then it's no wonder Lorraine remains affected.#Lessons From Scary Movies: Learning What Not to Do in a Horror Movie on Twitter]" data-reactid="30"[Related: #Lessons From Scary Movies: Learning What Not to Do in a Horror Movie on Twitter]In "The Conjuring," directed by James Wan ("Saw," "Insidious"), Ed and Lorraine Warren are played by Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga, who set up an investigation in the Perron's isolated farmhouse to find definitive proof of the inexplicable and frightening events that endanger the Perron family. While "The Conjuring" may be more ghost story than proof, it's still enough to make you crouch in your seat, scream at the screen, and hide behind your spouse.

Initially seeing action as a kick returner, Warren's breakout season came in 1992 when he rushed for 1,017 yards.

He followed that season with three more years with at least 1,000 yards rushing, setting a career-high in 1994 with 1,545 rushing yards.

But that's not what inspired the film, and subsequent sequels.

About a year later, George and Kathy Lutz moved into the house at 112 Ocean Avenue with Kathy's three children.

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