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Many guys tend to ask questions, which is good in some circumstances. Once they ask me out and I inform them of my gender, however, a total 360 happens.For example, once we've gotten to know each other, asking me if I'm non-op (transgender individuals who have not had any surgery), pre-op (transgender individuals who have not had genital surgery, but may have had breast augmentations) or post-op (transgender individuals who have had breast augmentation and genital surgery) is fine, since it's a personal question about . Once, when I was at a lounge with a few friends, I went to the bar to grab some drinks and met this guy.We've always been big fans of Demi Lovato, but that love affair just increased astronomically today after seeing her go onto The Ellen Degeneres Show as a guest—and it has more to do with what... The summer might be creeping up on us, meaning there will be a bunch of people heading to the beach in order to take advantage of the warmer weather by going swimming. We get paid to write for a living, so, naturally, we love a good pun.

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) Check out the video to see Vicky Pattison's amazing transformation over the years...On of our favorite ladies around, Jennifer Lawrence, one of our Sexiest Women In The World, and, unsurprisingly, one of the highest-earning actresses on the planet, is all over the news today, for...If you didn't hear about that absolutely hilarious video bomb from the other day of a kid ruining his dad's BBC interview by storming in with such swag that it was too much to handle, you've got to...We all know Vida Guerra has been stunning us ever since she made her first notable appearance on FHM all the way back in 2002, but, now that she's 43 years old, she may be even sexier than she was...Now, most men have their reasons for adoring actress Anna Kendrick.

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