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It doesn’t have to be made of neon, but a smile or teensy wave will make it clear that the door is wide open.“You actually don’t have to do anything except move your eyeballs,” says Hannah from Albuquerque, who thinks that women who aren’t getting chatted up just aren’t trying hard enough.irls are taught not to draw attention to themselves, to put others first and to make sure everyone is as comfy as possible.Those are great qualities for, say, a nurse, but when you’re trying to score with a lady, it can prevent you (and her) from making a move out of fear of seeming “rude.” Add that to questions like, “Am I sure she’s gay? ” and you’ve got a challenge for even the most shameless of flirts.

Having said that, there's good reason for their lackadaisical publishing schedule: no only does Ok Cupid crunch the data from their members and analyze it intricately and usefully, they also create fun and oftentimes eye-opening graphs giving their readers a better idea as to what they're trying to get across. I just wish it didn't take Although focused more on the business of dating rather than relationships in and of themselves, Mark Brooks offers brief updates about dating news from around the world that applies to both singles and the marketers looking to attract them.

Although I'm somewhat biased (I've followed and admired since its inception and own several books they've published), and this dating blog isn't for the faint of heart or those easily offended by graphic language, I still find it the most entertaining and unusual dating blog of the bunch, and therefore am giving it the #1 ranking.

Unfortunately after a few years of fun, the Nerve Blog-A-Log has been removed from their website in 2010.

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Then David Evans is the guy to ask and the blog to follow.

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