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Setting the Bar Too High If you find that your high standards are preventing you from dating at all, but you still hope to find a partner, it may be time to consider where those standards are coming from and if they are even possible to meet.Boston-based dating coach Adam Lo Dolce notices this trend in the women he encounters in his work: "For women, the most common bad dating habit is to 'judge a book by its cover.' Women tend to make quick judgments on men and decide very quickly whether or not the guy is worth dating.They stop dating anyone else and put all their attention on one person, which makes them over analyze things, usually incorrectly.Don't let your fantasies speed up reality—keep your thoughts in the present."2.

"We need to know what we are looking for in a date, and we need to have the confidence to be able to choose (or not choose) a person based on our own beliefs, values, personality, etc.Let's apply the same mentality to our dating lives.While we're cleaning out our closets and rearranging our bedrooms, let's dump those bad dating habits that are holding us back and replace them with good ones. Being Too Eager Men and women both get very confused about this one."You really shouldn't have that kind of access to each other too quickly." We couldn't agree more. Denial It's not always easy to admit when you're in a dating rut, especially if you can't see a way out of it.Dating expert April Braswell stresses the importance of taking a good, long look at your habits. But their behavior and weekly habits and actions speak volumes to their doing the same old same old, and not actually meeting new people on a regular basis."4.

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